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The one thing that sets us apart is, our custom computer building. We design, build, customize and tune your computer to match your exact needs and function.

What that translates to is a lot of savings, and much better performance. What we will cover here is our Exclusive featured Custom Mini ITX Build. It is designed for HD gaming and video streaming at high frame rates. Specifically designed to have a small foot print allowing it to fit into spaces small enough for a console or Bluray player.

The mini ITX gaming build was designed from the ground up in house, with 3 main objectives/goals in mind.

First was a small form factor. We needed the computer to be light and versatile. It needed to be easily moved around and fit in tight spaces without over heating. The Thermaltake Core V21 was selected because of its size, flexibility and air flow.

Secondly was performance. It had to have enough power to play all current games at a minimum of 1080p at consistent framerates (60 and above). For this we selected a laundry list of reliable and proven high performance components. They are listed as follows:

Graphic Card: EVGA GTX 1070 SC 6GB

Together these components form a formidable custom build capable of running any new games at their highest setting with easy at 1080P. Along with our custom tuning of the system we are able to deliver an experience beyond expectation. The following video demonstrates the computers capability to handle even the most detailed benchmarking software, while maintaining the expected performance level.

Finally, cost was the most important factor. Total cost had to remain below the $1300 mark. This price point was selected because it is the cost of a new Macbook pro 13". This machine will run circles around almost any Macbook. The other important thing to remember is this, the model listed here is simply the base model. We offer custom part lists to improve any basic model we offer.

We are very proud of this build because we were able to easily achieve all 3 set goals and deliver a very robust package. This machine performs on par and in some ways better than most pre-built machines available today. We will leave you with a video of how fast the computer is able to start up. Thanks for reading, please feel free to leave us a comment or like on the videos on our brand new YouTube channel.

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