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Passwords, Let us talk about passwords.

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

These days everything we interact with has a password… The bank, the bank’s app, your job, your job’s email, your email etc and list goes on! The reality is; these passwords are necessary! Our privacy is kept safe behind them. Yet with so many to remember, how do you keep track without having to write them down? This in itself defeats the purpose of having the password. Yet a forgotten password could lead to days with no access to key features and services. Having dealt with countless instances where we are unable to help clients in this predicament, we have decided to share how we handle passwords!

Many people have chosen to use a password manager app or software. Basically they pay someone to use their software or an app to remember their password(s). These types of solutions are now a necessity. Our purpose is to always have our client’s best interest as the first priority. This means minimizing costs and increasing efficiencies. In a nutshell, we want to save you money and make things easier!

So here is what we have done to overcome the password challenge! We use Google. Why? First of all, it is free. Secondly it is easy to use across multiple platforms and devices. Lastly we believe it is secure enough for us to use. With a free Google account you can log into your computer open your web browser check your email, log into your bank and school website without typing in a password. Then log in to these same things on all your other devices with the same ease. Whether it is a Samsung phone, iPhone, Android tablet or iPad, the service is seamless and very simple.

Our 20+ passwords are now saved in an encrypted cloud system like most paid services. It is easily accessed through one of our many devices through secure methods. This is in no way a recommendation to our client base or guests to switch services. We merely wanted to shine some light on what we believe is an important aspect of our day to day life. We know how important a password can be. Working first hand with many different types of clients has given us valuable insight into what would work best across the board. Like we said before; a forgotten password could mean days without access to key features and services. When you run a business or have to submit course work or even make that transfer to pay for something important, the last issue you need is a forgotten password.

We do however recommend using a password manager of some kind. Passwords are now part of lives, we need to adapt quickly and efficiently. We recommend our free consultation to help provide more insight into what services would best fit your need. If you need help with managing passwords we are here to help.

Thanks for your time.

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