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Why you want a Chrome Book in 2020!

What is a chromebook?

Chromebooks are essentially traditional laptops or tablets. Running the Google Chrome OS (Operating System). Chrome OS is very similar to the android OS. This allows for access to most of the familiar apps used on that platform. This may not immediately seem like an advantage, but we will cover this a little later on. These devices are now listed on every top 10 laptop list for 2020. Whether the list is created for students, work, productivity or recreation, Chromebooks now even rank above some Apple Macbooks. Lets us tell you why.

Google Cloud based.

They are Google cloud based. What this means is that you can store a majority of your data to the Google Cloud saving space on the device itself. Yes this mean to access a cloud saved file or document you will need to be online, problem? No, you can save the file locally to the laptop for use when not connected. Most conventional laptops require a third party app, installation and set up for that type of functionality. This also allows syncing and backing up of these files across your Google connected devices. Cloud back has never been this simple. Never lose a file or data again once this is set up correctly.

Google Play store access.

These laptops come with the Google App Store built in. This gives access to a great many apps that can be used across a wide range of functions. This also includs Microsoft Office and even some design and editing apps. This really opens up these devices in the way of functionality. It can easily be said that by today’s standards there is not much they cannot do. From productivity like Microsoft office to entertainment like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon prime video to Spotify, Pandora and Google music to name a few.


In fast the paced world of today a flexible laptop is a vital part of our day. Whether it is for work, school, productivity or play. There are few features that lend themselves to making a laptop almost necessary! First one is battery life, it does not matter how great a laptop is. If it can’t last a full work day… well would want to have to find a charging port in the middle of a meeting or lecture? I didn’t think so. Second feature is Safety. Without a traditional operating system like Microsoft Windows or Mac’s OS there is less to worry about in the way of virus infection and crazy software installations. Although not 100% free of issues there are a ton of options that can be downloaded right from the app store to help combat these concerns. Last but not least is ease of use. What can be said here? If you can use a phone you can use a Chromebook. It has a very steady learning curve. There are new features and shortcuts to learn which come in very handily as you use the device more and more. We think that these features are huge reason why Chromebooks are included on every top ten laptop and device list.


If you are picky, look no further. The Chromebook’s come in all shapes, sizes, colors and price ranges. You can go out and purchase a Chromebook to fit your specific need, aesthetic desire or budget. For most of us price point is deciding factor, with the range of choices these laptops bring to the market we have to agree with most major Tech outlets say they need to be considered as a front runner now in any laptop decision. As proof of their market dominance almost every major laptop manufacturer has multiple Chromebook versions available.

Contact us if you have any questions or need help deciding on which Chromebook will work best for you and your business.

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