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Stop paying for Cloud storage!

Many of us have devices which are the corner stone of our lives. You phone has your banking app and every contact you have saved in the last 5 years. You laptop is where you pay your bills, do your home work, balance your paycheck. If you own a business, it is where you run it from. All reasons why you cannot afford to lose any of these devices or the data stored on them.

This is the driving force behind us having a back up to secure our data in case the worst happens. They are necessary. Cloud storage like Dropbox, iCloud and Google Drive to name a few provide a great option for backing up all our devices and important data at a cost. This cost can be monthly, quarterly or yearly.

Now these costs are not necessary. You can now have your own personal cloud storage! Eliminating the cost and potential security risks to your important and private data being stored by a third party. Having your own cloud storage gives you all the control you want without the costs. You own the hardware and service. It is now possible to back up all your devices at once and access your photos, music, documents and more from anywhere at any time. More importantly at no additional cost!

We offer a free consultation to help you determine which cloud storage product or plan will work best for you, your family and your business. Let us help you secure your memories, important documents and data without the risk or the costs.

Thank you for your time.

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