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Windows 10: Why you should get it now!

Still running windows 7 or 8? Why? Now is a great time to upgrade to windows 10. There are a number of great deals going on right now! You might want to take advantage of them. The great new

is there is a FREE upgrade option. Contact us now to see if your computer qualifies.

Here is why. Microsoft has officially ended all support for windows 7. What that means is this; no more updates, no more security updates, no tech support, no more help troubleshooting issues and the list goes on. This means that windows 7 computers will become more vulnerable to already very diverse malware, adware and spyware.

Upgrading to Windows 10 is not just a basic update. You will get better performance from your computer. Even more importantly you will have upgraded security built into your windows for additional protection.

Contact us today to find out about your FREE windows 10 upgrade.

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